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Microgenica is developing intelligent adaptable energy harvesting micro generator products and licensable technology to provide a zero carbon power source for mobile and off-grid applications. The energy can be sourced from the environment such as solar, movement and heat.

We are looking to manufacture and distrubute our products through partnerships and integration of our technology within your products for IP (Intellectual Property) licensing.


Please contact us today for partnership and IP licensing opportunities.


Our Philosophy is to bring the following benefits:

  • Environmentally adaptable

  • Store energy and use it later at your convenience

  • User friendly - 'connect and forget'

  • 100% carbon friendly

  • Fast recharge, seconds not hours

  • Self-powered - no batteries to replace


Microgenica was founded by Paresh Jogia who is a Chartered Engineer and started as a VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) designer in a Cambridge based microprocessor IP (Intellectual Property) start-up. 


Paresh has over 20 years experience within the semiconductor electronics industry specialising in low power design. With several years project and program management, leading projects which include developing low power microprocessors for the world's leading smartphones, embedded systems and the Internet of Things.


Paresh has also been a design consultant, enabling clients to develop innovative low power  technology and products.   


Paresh holds a patent in a portable energy harvester which overcomes the limitations of threshold voltages of present transistors in combination of a fast charge zero carbon energy storage device.

Paresh also holds patents in a body heat powered wireless transmitter and a body heat generated power source for portable electrical equipment, whose enabling technology allows the system to be powered by low level heat which can be sourced by the users body such as the hand or wrist. 

This enabling technology is the philosophy behind Microgenica.

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